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Return Policy

For defective "exchange" item, please apply for an exchange within 7 days. 

The return shipping fee will be fully borne by the official store of Hucreates Shop.

For flawless "exchange" goods, please handle the exchange within 7 days 

You must bear the return shipping cost of the new product.

In order to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties, please be sure to record the whole process when opening the package. If there is any shortage or need to replace the goods, this will prevail.

1. Instructions for Return and Exchange Application

  • Please be sure to confirm that the purchased product is the product sold by the official store of Hucreates Shop, before you can enjoy the right to return and exchange during the appreciation period.
  • For goods not sold on the official platform channel, please return or exchange the goods from the original seller or the source on the channel.  Hucreates Shop will not handle it.
  • Whole-site shopping is entitled to the [Seven-Day Appreciation Period] as stipulated by the Taiwan Consumer Protection Act, starting from the day following the arrival of the product.
  • If there is any problem with the received product, you need to apply for return or exchange. Please log in to the website member first, leave a message at the order place, and inform the order number and order name ordered on the official website to apply for return or exchange.

2. Taiwan Consumer Protection Law

  • Consumers enjoy a seven-day appreciation period (including holidays) from the next day after receiving the product. Those who want to return or exchange the product should apply within the period. Overdue will not be accepted.
  • "Appreciation period is not trial period" Returned goods must be in brand new condition with complete packaging (including product body, accessories, gifts, original packaging bags, boxes, paper), please do not miss any accessories, dismantle and inspect the goods by yourself or damage them .
  • The original outer box and original packaging are part of the product. Loss, damage or missing parts may affect your right to return or exchange the product. Once the product is unpacked, used, irreversible and lacks integrity, it will lose its resale value and cannot be returned or exchanged.


3. Return Specifications

  • If the product includes the body, accessories, gifts, internal and external packaging (bags, boxes, paper) with the goods, there will be no refunds for missing or damaged parts. If the paper invoice is lost, it cannot be returned, please pay special attention!
  • In addition to defects in the gifts in the order, we will not accept designation and replacement.
  • 15 days from the day following the application for return, the return application will be automatically cancelled due to the inability to contact and the return of the product has not been returned, and the application cannot be re-applied.
  • During the seven-day appreciation period, unless the product is found to be defective after unpacking, and the product shipped is incorrect, it cannot be returned after unpacking.

Please note: Only one time return and exchange service is provided for each order. If you need to return the product after the application, you need to pay for the shipping cost.

To avoid disputes, please be sure to inspect the item after receiving the package. If the same order is defective or the wrong product is sent, please report it to the customer service staff once, and the second response of the same order will not be accepted

4. Specifications for replacement

  • The application for replacement is mainly based on product defects/shipping errors. If the appreciation period exceeds 7 days (including holidays), please do not accept the replacement service. In order to avoid disputes, please check and accept the goods after arrival.
  • The replacement of defective or incorrectly shipped products will be borne by the official store of Hucreates Shop, and the shipping will be handled by black cats. Consumers must provide a valid delivery address, contact person and phone number.
  • Defective and wrong products can only be replaced with the same products originally purchased, and the correct products will be sent to you by the original order method (home delivery or over-collection). If you want to replace the item with a different style, color, or size, please select Return and reorder the item.
  • Combination and random items do not provide exchange services for color selection.
  • If the purchased product cannot be returned to its original state after unpacking, it cannot be exchanged.
  • If the product is damaged, dirty or incomplete due to improper disassembly and use by the consumer, so that it cannot be sold again, please do not accept the exchange.
  • Due to the different screen resolutions of each computer and mobile phone, there may be a color difference between the photos on the website and the actual products. The replacement standard still needs to be determined by the official store of Hucreates Shop.

5. Instructions for Refund Operation

  • One-time payment by credit card: After the refund application process is passed, the background system will issue a refund notification letter.
  • During the seven-day appreciation period, the consumption payment will be refunded to the original consumption credit card after 14-21 working days. If the payment date of the consumer's credit card has passed during the refund operation period, the fee will be refunded to the next month's bill.
  • Partial Refund: The refund will be transferred to the bank account filled in by the consumer, and the credit card will be refunded online to the original credit card.
  • ATM transfer: The money will be remitted to the customer's designated remittance account. Please provide it (account name, bank account, branch code) during the return process. After the refund is successful, the consumer should check the passbook by himself.
  • Payment for pick-up at supermarkets: The money will be remitted to the remittance account designated by the consumer. Please provide it (account name, bank account, branch code) during the return process. After the refund is successful, please check the passbook for confirmation.
  • If shopping credits are used for refund orders, the shopping credits and discount coupons cannot be refunded after the return.

6. Definition of non-defective

  • All products shipped will be sampled and inspected. If the package is damaged, it does not mean that the product has been used. If you have any doubts, please go to other physical stores to buy.
  • Due to the shipping and manufacturing process, there may be some damage to the packaging. If you need complete packaging, please do not use the 7-11 package to send it. Due to the limitation of the material machine of 7-11, it must be easily squeezed. If you need to replace it, please pay the replacement cost yourself. .
  • Plastic and metal products are subject to plastic wear and unevenness at the injection point due to production limitations, edge burrs, etc., which are all normal phenomena.
  • The fabric printing will be slightly different from the product photo and specification description due to different tailoring, sewing, and dimensional errors in each batch of production. It is normal for thread ends, knitting balls in the cloth car, some loose threads, and very small stains.
  • Due to production limitations, the shape of porcelain glass products may vary slightly due to firing or blowing, and bubble spots, black spots, bumps, uneven glaze peeling, uneven dents, and some products are not glazed at the bottom to prevent slippage. deal with.
  • If the leather product is genuine leather, due to individual factors of growth, there will be folds and wrinkles, protozoa bites or fighting scars. Due to the pores, there will also be discoloration and discoloration. There will be different light and shade due to personal use.
  • Log goods will have native moth spots and log growth lines. It is normal for it to be slightly different from the wood grain of the photographed product.
  • For printing and dyeing products, the color will vary slightly due to each batch of materials, and there will be uneven printing and dyeing, offset printing dots falling off, and printing and dyeing small color spots (less than one square centimeter).
  • Due to the difference in the color rendering of each person's screen and the difference in the ambient lighting of the shooting, the actual product may have a slight color difference from the photo.
  • The products are all packaging bags or boxes, and the new products will have the smell of fabrics or dyes, which can be gradually removed after air-drying or washing.

◎The above are all international inspection standards, which are all within the acceptable range, not defects! If in doubt, please consider carefully before purchasing.