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Terms and Conditions

Dear members,

Welcome to visit "Hu create Shop" (hereinafter referred to as this service).

This store will provide members with convenient transactions in accordance with the following terms of service for members (hereinafter referred to as these terms). 

In order to protect your rights and interests, please be sure to read these terms carefully. When you register as a member of the store or start to use the service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept these terms and all contents of the "Privacy Policy" , and it is deemed that you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to the personal data protection notice and consent.

If you do not agree to all or part of these terms, please do not register and stop using the service immediately. The specific content of this clause is as follows:

1. Member information


Before you use this service, you must provide correct personal information and join as a member of this store without paying any fees; after joining, use this service and participate in activities related to this service. If there is any change in personal information, please be sure to update it immediately to protect your rights. If the member fails to update the personal information correctly, and fails to receive the relevant information such as membership rights, consumption discounts, activity content, etc. sent by the company, or the notification of change or termination of membership rights, consumption discounts, and activity content, the member agrees here In this case, it is deemed that the member has received such information or notice.


Privacy protection statement: The personal information of members is protected and regulated by the privacy terms of this store.

2. Changes in service content

Members agree that the store may adjust, change, modify or terminate this service and these terms at any time, which will take effect after the store's announcement without further individual notice.

The rights and obligations between members and the store due to their participation in the store's activities and use of the store's services are subject to the latest revised version of these terms.

3. Store personal data protection notice and consent:

In order to provide members with the most complete services and protect members' personal data, the store hereby, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Law), informs you of the following matters:

(1) Purpose of collection, category of personal data, period of use, region, object and method

In order to provide members with various consumption discounts, products, services, activities and the latest information about the store, and effectively manage member information, conduct services and surveys, satisfaction and consumption statistical analysis surveys (hereinafter referred to as the purpose of collection), the store will be on the website. Before the purpose of collection disappears, collect, process, and use the personal data, consumption and transaction data you filled in the membership application of this store, or other personal data provided with your consent in the future within the necessary areas to complete the purpose of collection. . Within the scope of the collection purpose, the store may provide all or part of your personal information to partner manufacturers.

Example: When a member uses this service for online consumption, the company can only complete the delivery of the goods or related gifts through cooperative manufacturers such as home delivery and freight. Therefore, when a member completes an online transaction, it means that the member agrees and authorizes the company to provide the member with the The personal information (such as the recipient's name, delivery address, telephone number, etc.) is provided to the home delivery and freight cooperating manufacturers to facilitate the delivery of the goods or related gifts.

(2) Matters needing attention:

You agree to use electronic documents as a means of exercising your personal data law written consent. If you do not agree to provide personal data, or request to delete or stop collecting or processing your personal data, you understand that our store may not be able to conduct online membership review and related processing operations, or provide you with complete online services, please Sorry.